Backwoods Adventures
May 19, 2012


Doug Fudge

Nothing excites me more then the opening of turkey season,after a long winter .for about a mth before opening i would watch them from afar see where they were going and coming from and a few evening put the to bed in the roost.The area is close to home which made keeping a eye on them fun.well watching them there was 3 very very nice toms that seamed to lead the pack every morning and afternoon with pretty much the same routine every i set up two blinds about a week before opening.the big day arrived and what a beautiful morning it was with lots of gobbling as the sun slowly rose,then Bang,Bang the neighbor shot the first bird that hit the ground a nice jake.well that didnt go as planned.the following morning again a beautiful day i walked back and waited between my 2 setup and waited for the first gobble of the morning and move to it .well the gobbling started and i moved in to the area ,looking for a good cover tree slowly getting really close to the action i settled at the base of one of my tree stand trees.i was very close so with a few soft purrs and action at every call i waited long between calls.a hen just above me flew down about 10 yards from me and not a minute down he came immediatly and started strutting and down came three more hens.there was a little ridge between them and i all i could see was the top of his fan and his big white head,back and forth he went and as he turn to go in the other direction i slowly raised drawing my mathews chill in the half crouched position i let the rage tipped vap fly hitting him in the wing butt up thru its neck and he didnt go i approch him one of the hens wouldnt move 5 yards from me as i picked him up and headed for the truck she followed me all the way back,he must have been well liked.the birds weight 25 lbs,11 1/2 beard and 1 inch spurs.there is nothing better then harvesting a bird with the bow,and the best part there are 2 bigger birds !


Doug Fudge

Apr 22, 2013


John Logeman

Wow, what a hunt. To start off with I was going on this fly in moose hunt with 5 individuals that I have never met. I felt a bit nervous at first but once I spent some time with the group they were great. One guy informed me that he was experienced in a canoe. Guess what, he flipped a canoe with me in it. I think I can still taste what ever lives in the swamp. Thank god I have all my survival training in water completed.

Now onto the hunt. The 8 mile lake we were on was picturesque. We had to travel 4 miles by boat and paddle a canoe approx. 1000 yards over beaver dams to the remote location.

On the second day we watched 2 bulls and a cow come off of a ridge onto the open swamp. My caller was 50 yards behind me with the other archer within sight. The caller let out a cow call with a couple of grunts. The game was on with both bulls traveling towards us. We watched the three moose travel over 600 yards grunting and trashing small trees. This took over 45 minutes for the bulls to get close. If I was going to have a heart attack this would have been the time. The bull that I shot with my bow was at 25 yards. It expired very quickly. I must have been excited for I missed the last 2 pegs in the tree and fell on my a _ _. What an adrenaline rush! Only a hunter could acknowledge this feeling. Now the work begins.

John Logeman

Nov 30, 2012


John Logeman

Weather conditions: cold snowy east wind, -6 degrees C. - ground is snow covered and frozen (crunchy). The coldest night of the fall yet and who is out in it after 55 straight days of hunting. Moi.

Yes, I hunted quite a bit last year. This is what I was born to do. I enjoy every minute of it. Some of my best days I didn't even see an animal (might have dozed off a bit). At this time I had passed up on a few does and a small 8 pt. buck on different properties. This buck came into view in the late afternoon. There was no mistake with crunchy snow on the ground. There was another buck coming in that I could not see. I expect that he was the big kahuna on our turf. I could not have taken the shot without the hours of practising at the Durham Archery club. The only thing I missed was the harassment. The shot felt good and the indication on the arrow was excellent. After seeing my arrow, Brian my hunting partner, informed me that it was going to be a quick recovery. Wrong! It snowed so much that we could not track the deer. After a sleepless night we found the deer first thing in the morning. It dressed out at just over 240 lbs. You maybe tasting him sometime this summer at the archery club. Hopefully more stories to come.


John Logeman