Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the frequently asked questions on our club as they should cover and answer most the common questions you may have as a member. If you have a specific club or membership related question which is not below, please contact one of the clubs Chartered Members or Executives who will gladly help you out.

Q.Where is Durham Archers located?
A.We are located north of Oshawa - for a map please click here.
Q.Is the range accessible for everyone?
A.No, the range is only accessible for members. However, if you are interested in joining the club, you are more than welcome to book a tour. For more information please click here.
Q.Are the facilities open year round?
A.Yes, the range is open all year. During the winter and foul weather there is a section of the road that you must travel at your own risk.
Q. Is there a permanent 3D range? Do you have a target range as well as 3D? What distances?
A. The range is open year round, but not all 3D targets will be out during winter season. There is approximately 20 3D targets left out all winter. We also have a butt (target) range with targets in distances from 10 to 50 yard.
Q. Is there an indoor range?
A. No, we don't have an indoor range.
Q. What days/nights your club meets, i.e. hours of operation throughout the week?
A. There are no operating hours in the conventional understanding. Members can go out to the range according to their own schedule. We will have a general annual member meeting every year around the middle of January. The correct date and place will be posted on the web site under Events Calendar.
Q. How does your registration costs work is it from January to December? When does your season begin and end?
A. Our year goes from January to the end of December. In January our General Meeting is being held were new members are welcome to join and existing memberships can be renewed The 3D season begins around the end of April pending weather and club access road conditions.
Q. What is the membership fees? Is there an initiation fee?
A. For membership fees please go to the membership page.
Q. What sorts of duties can be done to satisfy the 8 work hours required?
A. Several times during the year there will be so called work parties. The easiest way is to come to at least one of them. There are different tasks to be completed depending on the needs. It might be cutting shrubs, mowing lawn, painting, cleaning the course, repairing targets etc... Throughout the year there are things that need to be maintained as well – keep your eyes open. Your 8 hours can be completed at any time during the year. You must also record your hours worked in the book located in the clubhouse. Our executives are also open to hear about improvements and new ideas.
Q. What does membership allow us to do? Are there any ongoing costs?
A. Additional costs for the membership occur when the 8 work hours were not completed in the amount of $10 per not completed work hour. Please read the Club rules.
Q. Are there many women involved using traditional bows and do you have to be at a certain achievement level?
A. Archery might seem as a men's domain, approximately a third of our members are women. They shoot traditional and compound bows at different levels. You don't have to be at a certain achievement level to be a member. If you like archery just give it a try.
Q. Do you provide training sessions to teach people archery? Where can I get archery lessons in the Durham region, for children and adults?
A. Unfortunately, Durham Archers does not provide any kind of lessons. The club does not permit formal teaching or lessons on the club's property. Archery lessons may be available through contacting a local archery or sporting goods store.
Q.Do you rent equipment? What equipment I would need before attending?
A.No, we don't rent equipment. A bow is a very "private" tool that has to fit its user. Especially with compound bows there are so many settings fit to the archer's personal requirements and make it therefore difficult to rent those. From time to time members sell their bows. This could be a chance for a great deal.

Archery equipment sales are available through local archery or sporting good stores. Contact information is available to several archery shops through our club sponsors page.
Q.Is there any guest privileges for bringing people to the facilities?
A.A guest must be accompanied at all times by a current member. Before the guest can get a tour or shoot the courses, he/she has to sign a waiver form which will be located in the clubhouse. It will cost them $10.00 for an individual or $20 for a family.