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Durham Archers is Closed

Hi All,
We have come to the point where we will be dissolving Durham Archers.
There have been no viable proposals or opportunities to revive Durham Archers. That said, we will be putting in motion the activities to wind things down.

To start with we will be meeting with legal council to ensure that we take the proper steps in winding down the club. From there we will be collecting the assets of the club and disposing of them. To that point I have been contacted a number of times regarding the targets and once we have them all assembled …

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2019 AGM

2019 Durham Archers AGM

Finally we will be holding our AGM!

Sunday May 5, 2019
Oshawa Civic Centre

See article for details...

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New Location

We are very happy to announce that we have reached a verbal agreement with the owner of a new property. We are now completing the agreement and should have it all finalized in the coming weeks.

Located within Durham, the property is located at 35/115 and 4th Concession. We realize that this is a bit further than our old home, but it is much easier to to get to and it has some distinct advantages.

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