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Hi All,

We have come to the point where we will be dissolving Durham Archers.

There have been no viable proposals or opportunities to revive Durham Archers. That said, we will be putting in motion the activities to wind things down.

To start with we will be meeting with legal council to ensure that we take the proper steps in winding down the club. From there we will be collecting the assets of the club and disposing of them. To that point I have been contacted a number of times regarding the targets and once we have them all assembled and accounted for we will decide what to do. In the meantime if you have any club property that you have stored please let me know and we will help get it from you.

Believe me, this is not the outcome we wanted, but in meeting with legal counsel and determining the path forward in dissolving Durham Archers we can but this behind use and finally have a sense of closure.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Ron Perreault
President, Durham Archers
president@durhamarchers.com ron.perreault@durhamarchers.com