Durham Archers

A family focused archery club

  • Durham Archers offers enjoyment for all skill levels

    With an extensive list of offerings, from a target range to multiple 3D courses, designed for all levels and bow types.

    Target Range
    Range with targets to 70 meters
    Fully World Archery compliant
    3D Courses
    2 regular difficulty courses
    1 trad/beginner course
    Field Course
    IFAA/WA compliant 14 target course
    15 Acres of forest and field
    365 day access
    Regular family days and get-togethers
    Hosted and self run tournaments
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Recent News

We are very happy to announce that we have reached a verbal agreement with the owner of a new property. We are now completing the agreement and should have it all finalized in the coming weeks.

Located within Durham, the property is located at 35/115 and 4th Concession. We realize that this is a bit further than our old home, but it is much easier to to get to and it has some distinct advantages.